Friday, September 28, 2012

Some other things I read...... Should I be reading you?

I have had several emails asking me how I find the blogs I read, and how I choose who to include.  The subtext, especially when it comes from readers who also know I read their blogs, tends to be: Why didn't you include me? 
Some of the answer is simply that I tend to include posts that I am still thinking about the next day.  I read A LOT!   (That is an understatement, especially since my surgery.)  So, if I read 300ish blog posts last week, what are the things that I still remember, and that I remember who wrote about it?  That is the post I am likely to include when I am including favorite individual posts. 

This is especially true for topics that EVERYONE is writing or talking about.  If I am sharing something about political topics, it means it was something that struck me as important, not just something I agree with.  I want to share things that really made me think!


I have wonderful blogging friends, and I read their posts as soon as they show up on my blog roll, but I don't respond here to all of their posts.  Because they are on my blog roll, and anyone can see the new post as it goes up.  I do not include blogs on my blog roll that I don't read.  My roll is eclectic, and has no particular viewpoint, because I am sharing what I read and like, not what I think "people who like my blog" would read. 

It is great if I introduce you to something new, or an author you wouldn't have found otherwise, but my blog roll is first and foremost for me, so that I know when a new post goes up.  The first thing I do in the morning is check and read my mail, and then check my blog roll to see what has gone up while I have been sleeping.  So, if a post has been on my blog roll 98% of the time, I have read it.
I am sharing this because of a text conversation I had with a friend, who was hurt that I hadn't shared any particular post since I featured her blog in a "New Favorite Blogs" post.  She felt that including thoughts about posts from other blogs meant that I wasn't reading her blog, because I hadn't commented on it, except in her comments.  I assured her that it wasn't true.  I read her blog every day, or at least every day there is something new, and I comment on almost every post she writes.  If you are on my blog roll, and you aren't sure if I am reading, check your last ten posts, and if I haven't left a comment, please let me know.  ;-)
What I really do want to know is, WHO ARE YOU READING?  When you look at my blog roll, who do you see missing?  Which blogs do you look forward to the new posts?  I am always following links on another person's blog roll, and I would love to know who you think I have missed!
So, with all of that out of the way, here are a few that I really love, from the last few days:

As I said in my comment about the story, I love the fact that this story gives children credit for having rich spiritual and intellectual lives.  Children are in a state of constant learning, and while a ten year old may not always be able to articulate everything that they are experiencing, that doesn't mean that there isn't a richness of experience that informs the rest of their lives.  They also misunderstand grown-ups, and have to try out applying doctrine in different ways.  The fact that there is a bit of fun, and a little pre-teen angst, only adds to this story's appeal.  If you are tired of historical posts from Keepa, you can skip Celebration.

My father was always telling my older brother and sometimes even Jinny and me, “Determination conquers every obstacle.” sometimes he was joking when he said it, and he nearly always smiled. But always I felt his seriousness.

I did not know what tomorrow would bring. I tried to remember the course of the disease with Jinny and the others. Would I be really suffering tomorrow? Would my jaw be swollen up so that I could not eat or speak?

I couldn’t remember. And, besides, with everyone it was different. With Jinny’s red hair and her disposition, everything hit her hardest.

It came to me suddenly that if I was determined I could make father’s words work for me in even this situation. Tonight at home everyone would be excited. Mother had been working hard, and in a family as big as ours, no one got much special attention."
Come on, you know you want to read it.  ;-)
Scott and I are constantly talking about how to pick out fruit.  Before we met, his fruit consumption was pretty limited.  Green apples and bananas were his staple.  This summer he has learned about melons, peaches, pears, berries and cucumbers.  The discussions about how and what you use to choose a "good one" is pretty constant.  It was fun to read Shari's account of picking watermelons in Russia.
"We usually buy our watermelons from our favorite fruit stand, but we had noticed large trucks full of watermelons around in our neighborhood and we wondered if the melons would be fresher and cheaper. So, we decided to purchase a watermelon from one of the truck guys down the main road we lived near."
I am always fascinated by Shari and Bridget, and lots of others who live in places that I see as foreign and exotic.  Part of what I like best is realizing that no matter where you live, the daily duties of food, shelter and education goes on.

This post is not on a blog on my blog roll, but it may be at some point.  With the LDS General Conference right around the corner, there is lots of speculation about what will be included, or not included in conference, since we are in the middle of an American Election season.  There is always interested in the conference right before a presidential election, but with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee, there is even more than usual  This post takes that speculation a step further.  What odds would you put on things in this conference?
"(In case you're somehow unfamiliar with betting odds, think of it as dollars earned per dollar bet. So, 10-1 means every dollar bet earns ten if you win. Smaller ratios mean better odds, and 1-1 is Even or no odds, i.e. nobody would ever bet against it)
Mormon Tabernacle Choir songs

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty 3-1
Praise to the Man 3-1
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing 5-1
(Odds that several choir members will cry if sung) Even
You Can Make a Pathway Bright 7-1
Sons of Michael, He Approaches 30-1
God Save the King 200-1
Detroit Rock City 500-1"

Did you notice anything missing from the post and the comments that needs to have the odds set? 

In other Mormon things, if you missed my round up of Mormon Moment Series, you can click here and here.  More posts in the series coming soon!  What I thought would be a three or four part series keeps going as I find other things that I really think are part of the Mormon Moment!


  1. The idea of betting on General Conference makes me laugh. Although there is a lot of speculation about this one.

  2. The betting thing is stupid. Why would you berak the commandments while you are watching conference? That would be like smoking, or drinking, or having sex while you are watching conference.


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