Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mormon Moment Series on Wheat and Tares

You can see the first of the Mormon Moment Series posts that was picked up on Wheat and Tares here. 

Thanks to all my readers who are changing their blog rolls to reflect the new domain name, without blogspot as part of the link!

I am working backwards to change all of the internal links in my posts, so that they will go to the new post links.  Once that is finished, in 7-10 days, I will archive the old domain.  If you have links to earlier posts on my blog, they can be found at the new domain, and all you need to do is take "blogspot" out of the link.  That works right now.  If you have questions, or problems, please feel free to email me at findingmywaysoftly and I will be happy to help you find the appropriate link.

I won't be doing as many "What I am reading posts," but I will include a few links with any general announcements.  Here are a few things you might like:

My Himalayan Salt Lamp - Peaceful Light!

Looking for a new Halloween Song?  Keepa has a great one!

Have you ever felt that your life has more than anyone should have to shoulder?  This post contains words that spoke to my heart, and I had a witness of the truth of them in my life.  It may be what you, or someone you love, needs to hear.

For anyone who wonders if academics even think about those of us without PhDs, this post and the comments may be as interesting to you, as they were to me.

Finally, for anyone who is a mom, and not sure if you are the only imperfect mother, here are a few of my favorite stories and thoughts from moms.  They inspire my, wrap me in a cyber-hug, and remind me that we are all imperfect in our actions, but perfect in our desires.

May each of you find an extra measure of love tonight! 


  1. They are lucky to have you. The Mormon Moment Series is one of the most readable, smart and respectful writings about Mormons for people who aren't Mormon that I have read. I think the person who wrote the intro at wheatandtares is right, Mormons should be more interested in how things are written for nonmormons.

  2. I am so glad more people are reading the things you write. I learn so much from you! Reading the things you like to read is cool, but I always wonder how you find so many different things.

    Thanks for being my adopted Big Sister!

  3. Thanks Former Saint and Sarah! I try to always blog about things that are important, and to live up to the writing standards my mom always expected of me. I figure if she is happy with it, then it would be hard for many people to complain. :-)

    Most of the time it takes at least 6 hours to write, edit and add the links to a Mormon Moment Series post. I have several that are taking a lot longer than that. That time doesn't include all the time spent reading blogs. Each one is a labor of love.

  4. My wife and I are both truly amazed by the depth of your humanity, and your willingness to share the beauty that comes from the pain in your life.
    Saturday we were reading a number of your posts together, and we both felt prompted to go visit a single sister who lives down the street. We don't know her well, but I printed off a couple of your posts before we brought her a plate of cookies. You know I am not particularly invested in the church, but while we were talking to her about some of her problems, I was prompted to offer her a deal. So as long as she is reading your blog I will be going to church. It was kind of strange, but it also felt right to be in sacrament meeting. I am not making any promises to anyone but for now I know it is the right thing and it makes my wife very happy. Keep writing so that we have something to talk about when she comes over for dinner every week.

  5. Former Saint-

    I am not sure what to say other than thank you. It means a lot to me that you feel that the things I write are that important.

    Other than that, without being able to hug you and your wife in person, or having you see the tears in my eyes, I don't know how to express the joy and tenderness that I feel, knowing that your wife and neighbor are being blessed because you felt the promptings of the spirit, and chose to act on it. It makes the tears flow freely.

    Please let me know how your neighbor and you are doing with your challenge. You can also let me know if there is a topic you are interested in reading and talking about in your weekly discussions.


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