Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ancient Aliens and the Restoration

 by Michelle

Okay, I'll admit it....I am a huge fan of Ancient Aliens. I like to call it "brain candy," as in I am not sure how much good it does for my intellect, but I can sit there and watch episode after episode for hours at a time. I am completely mesmerized! I never get tired of hearing about "ley lines" and "Puma Punku," and odd alien encounters. I have decided I never, under any circumstances, want to come in contact with a "grey." I am convinced they are demonic! Oh, and I love the dude with the crazy hair and have always been a huge fan of Kathleen McGowan, author of The Magdalene Line trilogy and widow of Phil Coppens. I was so excited to see her on the show!

Today, I was watching the History Channel Ancient Aliens marathon, and they were talking about the power behind the number three. There is something about this number that resonates with the human psyche, whether it's the Trinity in Christian theology, Hindu Trimurti, the Greek Fates, or our distinctions between past, present and future. As a student of world religions, I understand that there is incredible power behind this number. I can also see what they were saying regarding the "third eye," (the pineal gland) but I have never considered the possibility that this may a built-in portal to a new dimension. There may very well be some truth to this. I do not think it's coincidental that Joseph Smith has been mentioned more than a few times on Ancient Aliens! (just think; people are being introduced to the Restored Gospel without even realizing it!)

Since I accepted the Restored Gospel three years ago, the truth of the Spirit world has opened up to me in ways I never even expected. I am convinced at times that there is indeed a fine line between the spirit world and the day-to-day reality in which we live, and I do not believe the two dimensions have to be mutually exclusive. Although I am not comfortable talking about specific spiritual experiences here, I now understand the reason I was so frustrated with the Baptist version of "the Gospel" for so long; it was a limited gospel that did not contain "the fulness thereof." (D&C 118:4) However, for me this "fulness" of the Gospel is not complete without Heavenly Mother. I firmly believe She alone holds this key to further revelation in this particular dispensation of time. It is in and through Her, the cycle will be complete, as women are confirmed equal partners with men as we navigate through these difficult times together. As women, we need the Gospel and the Gospel needs us. It's only biblical.

As of lately, it has astounded me how much I have been accused of being the "biblical literalist" of the Mormon feminist community, yet I openly support women's ordination, marriage equality, and yes, I worship the Goddess!  Somehow I doubt the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons of the world would agree with this "biblical literalist" assessment. I suppose my evangelical background will always follow me wherever I go, but is that in itself a negative thing? For the first time in my life, I am solid in my love of my Heavenly Father, and my testimony of the Savior. (see 2 Nephi 25:26). However, I also need my Mother in Heaven in order for my testimony to be made complete. (there's those mysterious "threes" again!- Heavenly Father, the Savior and Heavenly Mother!)

Oh, and I am still convinced "the greys" on Ancient Aliens are demonic!...I guess that's the evangelical in me. I hope I never see one this side of the Rapture. (joking... I don't believe in that either!)


  1. I think we need people of ALL backgrounds, to share the way that they found the gospel, and how they interpret it. I know that my parent's choice, to let me learn about the religions of my friends, alongside them, is part of what makes my faith what it is today.

    It is also how I "follow" what people are talking about, even when it doesn't fit with a typical worldview. Even though it may be strange to some, the ward missionaries are always happy to send "stumped missionaries," often with a "difficult convert" my way. My comments in Sunday School or RS may not be straight out of the teacher's manual, but it means that I often have newer, (less than 10 years) member come and ask me questions, because their ears perked up when I talked about meditation, pantheons of ancient Gods, or the latest Hebrew scholarship. ;-)

    I think it is great that you are enjoying the series! I have heard several of the writers grew up LDS. (Its never been said, but from the way they conveyed the information, I have assumed they might not currently be active, but I haven't ever researched it.) I think it is fun to see Mormon thoughts and ideas pop up in Pop Cukture, especially when it doesn't involve the consumption of jello. :-)

  2. I love the unique perspectives converts bring to our church. They often help me see the gospel in new ways


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